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Are you a new mum?

Want a mother and baby exercise class that will help you get back into shape?

Don't want to pay additional fees for the creche at the gym whilst you exercise?

Want to meet other new mums in the area?

Then, Mummies and Buggies Postnatal Fitness Classes are just for you!

Click here to register a space for you and your baby NOW.

Classes can be joined from as early as 6-10 weeks after birth and are suitable for all levels of fitness, so don't worry if you haven't participated in regular exercise for a while.

Coming along to a specialised postnatal fitness class, you'll be rest assured that your exercise session is both safe and effective for you and your baby (and really good fun too!).

Attendance is flexible, so you can join Mummies and Buggies Mother and Baby classes whenever you like, miss a class here and there or go on holiday without losing out financially!

Interested in POSTNATAL PILATES?  Mother and baby Postnatal Pilates courses now available.  See for details.  Make sure you enquire early as spaces fill up fast!

Are you PREGNANT or know someone who is?  Then, check out for Bump to Babe Pregnancy Fitness Classes and Pregnancy Pilates Classes in your area.

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